Kegelisahan muncul keriput atau kerutan garis garis di wajah tidak hanya di alami oleh kaum wanita saja namun tidak sedikit para pria atau laki laki yang punya perasaan sama ketika di di bagian wajah seperti jidat, dagu, bawa mata mulai menyembul tanda tanda penuaan yang mungkin belum siap menerimanya mengingat umurnya yang tergolong belum terlalu tua. Nah mulai saatnya anda mencari tahu penyebabnya dan bagaimana tips cara yang aman alami untuk menyamarkan atau menghilangkan kerutan dan keriput di wajah para pria/laki laki. Buat kamu khusus spesial buat kaum adam yang mungkin sedang boring dengan kerutan di muka yang sudah jelas terlihat, saya akan berbagai beberapa resep ramuan herbal tradisional alami untuk mengurangi dan menyamarkannya.
Banyak pemicu yang mengakibatkan kerutan dan keriput pada pria lebih cepat terlihat dari yang sewajarnya secara umum penyebabnya adalah tekanan psikologis/stres, pola makan yang buruk dan gaya hidup yang tidak sehat. Sehingga solusinya adalah dengan menerapakan sikap hidup, pola makan yang sehat serta mengatur psikologis yang jauh dari tekanan berat agar tidak mudah terkenan stress. Dengan langkap tersebut terbukti seseorang pria akan mendapatkan efek awet muda, tidak mudah terkena penuaan dini, dan kerutan atau keriput wajahpun akan tidak mudah muncul.
anti kerut
Selaian satu tips di atas, untuk menghilangkan atau  mengurangi kerutan di wajah kaum pria/laki laki anda bisa coba bereksperimen menggunakan beberapa resep ramuan obat herbal alami tradisional anti kerut di bawah ini, berbagai cara cepat ini bisa di aplikasikan untuk seluruh bagian wajah yang keriput seperti di jidat, dagu, pipi, bawah mata , kantung mata dll, silahkan simak.

Obat jerawat tidak bekerja! -Menjaga anti-jerawat kulit rejimen sederhana namun efektif

cara mencegah kulit keriput

Teens are at an age where looking beautiful is very important to them. They care about their appearance, as well as being more attractive to the boys. With all the commercials, advertisements, and guarantees for youth and beauty from anti aging beauty products, it is no wonder why teenage girls are choosing to get a head start in trying to avoid fine lines and wrinkles.

Should teens be using anti aging beauty products? While there are some safe for teens, there are some they should stay away from. If your teen is adamant about using these types of beauty products, you can introduce her to the safer kinds and steer her away from those that are geared towards more mature skin.

Avoid the following for your teen:

· Anti wrinkle creams
· Serums
· Peels
· Others made specifically for mature skin

The four daily skin care products a teen should have are: cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and acne treatment. These skin care products should consist of SPF. This is important in preventing skin cancer in the later years. These are the basics that teens should include in their daily skin care routine.

Although these are the basics, teens still want to include anti aging beauty products in their routine. The following are anti aging beauty products that are considered to be safe for teens:

  • Eye Cream - Teens can suffer from puffiness and fine lines under the eyes. Teens can actually benefit from eye creams; however, it is important to purchase an eye cream that is made of only natural ingredients. Also, make sure the product is not formulated specifically for mature skin. These products contain higher concentrations of chemicals that are not safe for teens.
  • Firming Cream and Lotion - Teens can benefit from these lotions and they will not harm their skin. Make sure to use a firming cream or lotion that is made only of natural ingredients.
  • Microdermabrasion - This is actually something that can be done at home or professionally and can benefit people of all ages. The purpose of microdermabrasion is to exfoliate the skin by removing the top layers of the skin to expose the healthier skin. This will provide a smooth and even tone.

The two best anti aging beauty products for teens is exercise and sun protection! While other anti aging beauty products can help to keep your teen's skin hydrated, which can help to keep her skin young, exercise and sun protection are the best ways to keep young skin looking young. Many anti aging beauty products will contain sun protection within them.

Exercise can help your entire body to stay healthy. This includes the skin. Regular exercise encourages better circulation and delivers nutrients to skin cells. This helps to rid the body of toxins that can be potentially damaging. Anti aging beauty products can be safe for teens, but should always be natural and should not be formulated for mature skin.

Acne can be a crippling condition. It causes you to lose any kind of self-esteem, thereby causing you to be afraid of socializing with others, or to develop relationships with other people. This medical condition can also come in different forms and in varying severities. There are the common pimples and blackheads that are normal during teenage years, and then there's the more severe type of cystic acne that necessitates more extreme treatment.

Don't be embarrassed - acne is actually quite common, so you are not alone in battling it. There are many products and medications in the market today that all promise to be the most effective acne cure. Some of them are worth your money; and some of them are a waste of it. Here's a short guide so you can tell which is which.

Bottles and tubes

Acne medication products can come in different shapes and sizes-creams, gels, ointments, solutions, soaps, pills, etc. Some of them are from big cosmetics and skin care companies. Some are backed by dermatologists and other health professionals, while some are from virtually unknown manufacturers but promise to be the latest and most effective discoveries in acne cure. Whether the product comes in a tube, bottle or box, it is sure to be accompanied with sales pitch boasting of effective results.

The problem with most anti-acne products is that you're never really sure what you are applying to your face. Application of certain creams and solutions can trigger allergic reactions for many people. These reactions can vary among skin reddening, peeling, itching or even aggravated acne. And even if the product temporarily improves your condition, acne usually comes back-and sometimes, with a vengeance.

What Acnezine does differently is that it fights acne the natural way by releasing antioxidants in the bloodstream to fight free radicals. This way, not only is the existing acne treated - future breakouts are also avoided. Interestingly, Acnezine also makes scars a lot less noticeable over time. Use it regularly and your skin becomes very clear - like you never had acne at all.

See through the hype - use Acnezine

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